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Silento Request Early Release After Being Accused Of The Murder Of His Cousin!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written by: Kaylee Samuels

Silento, the 23-year old rapper, famous for “watch me whip/nae nae,” wants to be released on bail.

The young artist requested a 25k bond for his muder charge.

In the year 2020, Silento received three separate charges, some being more serious than others.

Silento’s first charge, which took place in august of 2020, was for assault of a deadly weapon. He had broken into a stranger's house and threatened them with a hatchet.

Silento’s second charge took place in October, 2020, for reckless driving. He had received failure to maintain lane, and a speeding ticket, due to the fact he was going 143 in a 65.

Now, Silento’s last charge is far more serious. He is currently accused of his cousins muder. It is said he shot his cousin to death. The Atlanta rapper has been in jail since February.

Currently, Silento is requesting a 25k bail. It was denied. Silento’s grandparents had asked the judge to deny the bail as well.

Silento claims that if he gets out he will not be a threat to the community, he then states it’s

“not an extraordinary bail risk and will not jeopardize the safety of the community if released on bail.”

Silento also says he will not run if released.

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