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Singer K.Michelle Sexually Flashes Her Fans During Houston Concert!

Written by: Khalif Thompson

Today in Hip Hop News, “Love & Hip Hop” star, K. Michelle is currently trending after exposing her boobs to fans during a recent performance in Houston, Texas.

K. Michelle understands just what to do to keep everyone's focus on her. We've grown to appreciate the 39-year-old singer because to her dramatic ways on Love & Hip-Hop, where she's constantly getting into confrontations with her co-stars.

Her mouth has gotten her in a lot of trouble in the past, but she's not trending this week because of anything she said.

K. Michelle began trending on social media on Wednesday (March 2) as a result of something she did while at a recent performance.

K. Michelle was singing a rendition of "Can You Stand The Rain" when she felt adventurous and popped out her breasts for a moment, flashing the audience before putting her top back on.

The concert took place a few days ago in Houston, and K. has been sharing images from it on her various accounts since then. She hasn't spoken much about flashing the audience, instead focusing on promoting her upcoming new album, I'm The Problem. To promote her next body of work, she recently released her latest track, "Scooch."

It's unclear why K. Michelle opted to lift her top for the audience, but the front row was clearly having a good time, giving out an excited cheer when she flashed them.

Could this have been an elaborate scheme to bring forth some eyes to her as she promoted her new track? Or did she suddenly just want to let loose ?

Watch the video below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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