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Soulja Boy Removed From Millennium Tour As Tension In Memphis RISES After the Murder Of Young Dolph!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written by: Kaylee Samuels

Today in Hip hop News a sequence of events involving Soulja Boy follows Young Dolphs murder.

Shortly after Young Dolph was shot and killed Soulja boy was announced to be the first person to be removed from the Millennium tour.

The Millennium tour consisted of the following artists,

- Soulja Boy, Bow Wow, Omarion, Ashanti, Sammie.

Soulja boy was temporarily removed due to the fact they were touring in Memphis and Saint Louis.

This decision was made by G-Squared Events due to concerns about the safety of artists. They made this clear when they said,

“To preserve the safety of The Millennium Tour 2021 artists and patrons, tour representatives are exercising caution and want to make a smart decision to be safe,”

Soulja Boy had responded by saying, “I’m still getting paid what him dying got do with me? I’m tryna see my fans.”

Fans and many people lashed out and called Soulja Boy insensitive and rude, they then followed to say he doesn’t care about anything or anyone except money.

It seems as if Soulja Boy and Young Dolph were in a fued days before his death considering how Soulja Boy accused him of lying about making 100k per show.

People wonder if Soulja Boy’s beef with the artist correlates to his death. Soulja Boy had made a comment which said,

“F*** you talkin’ ‘bout, n****? Ain’t you the n**** getting shot at 100 times? Ain’t you the n**** getting popped and shot at all the time? Y’all b**** a** n**** better get out of my DM. F*** Paper Route. F*** Key Glock. F*** Young Dolph. F*** all y’all n****.”

Now as this continues, Memphis becomes a place where people don’t feel safe, and people are pinpointing Soulja Boy to be involved with the death of the young artist.

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