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Squid Game Actor O Yeung-su Indicted On Sexual Misconduct Charges!

Written by: Khalif Thompson

Today in Hip Hop News, following the recent breaking news obtained by our close source TMZ, O Yeong-su, the Golden Globe-winning star of "Squid Game," has been charged in Korea with sexual assault after reportedly touching a lady improperly many times.

As those who remember the television fiasco that occurred on September 17, 2021, Netflix’s Squid Game received a universal release to positive reviews and interest from throughout the world.

It surpassed Bridgerton to become Netflix's most watched series, becoming the most watched program in 94 countries, drawing more than 142 million member homes, and accruing 1.65 billion viewing hours in its first four weeks of release.

Getting back to the news, according to the local news source JTBC, the unidentified lady accused the 78-year-old actor of repeatedly touching her without her permission when she complained to the police in December.

While the details of the instances are unclear, Yeong-su asserts that he just once held the woman's hand while escorting her around a lake.

He apologized for doing so, but insists it does not imply that he has confessed to the allegations.

Police decided not to pursue the case when the purported victim submitted the complaint last year; however, after the putative victim complained, the investigation was reopened.

Although specifics have not yet been disclosed, prosecutors think the actor had frequent significant physical contact with the lady.

The actor is most known to Netflix viewers as Oh Il-nam, also known as player 001, who appeared to be lucky in the deadly competition but was actually the game's hidden mastermind.

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