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This 15-Year-Old's Testimony Nearly Frees Young Thug During Bond Hearing!

Written by: Khalif Thompson

Today in Hip Hop News, Corey Jackson, 15, testified in front of Atlanta Judge Ural Glanville at Young Thug's bond hearing on the good effect the rapper has had on his life. His powerful and passionate testimony was nearly enough to persuade the judge to release the rapper.

SOHH News Images

In the bond hearing of Jeffery Williams, aka Young Thug, 15-year-old Corey Jackson strode boldly into the Fulton County courtroom of Judge Ural Glanville and took a seat close to the famed jurist.

The youthful activist, music artist, and motivational speaker responded sharply to the questions, claiming that the rapper has been his "mentor."

Jackson, who met the Atlanta rapper when he was 8 years old while peddling CDs in a Mississippi mall, was quick to underline the importance of the musician in his life.

“He showed me how he was able to achieve what he has and where he comes from. And what I have to do if I want to motivate more young people like me”.

The young guy, dressed confidently in a tidy haircut, dark blue suit and tie, ascribed his success as a motivational speaker to the rapper, who took him on tour around the country and gave Jackson the platform to speak on stage.

Jackson highlighted, “First I speak on my five keys to success, which are: hard work, determination, dedication, motivation, and ambition. I show them how you can utilize these 5 keys to success…and that is what he sponsors me with”, referring to the convicted rapper.

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