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Travis Scott Answers To Victim Attorney Regarding Astroworld Backlash

Written by: Khalif Thompson

Today in Hip Hop News, this week, Travis Scott finally broke the ice to comment on the Astroworld tragedy he’s been receiving harsh backlash on due to his inability and lack of action that fans believed could’ve saved lives.

According to Alex Hilliard, an attorney representing Ezra Blount's family, Scott's actions do not demonstrate compassion or a willingness to maintain order.

The family believes it demonstrates that the "Antidote" rapper picks and chooses when it comes to his fans' safety.

On the contrary, according to a Scott representative, the attorney's and family's response is despicable and the cynical pinnacle of hypocrisy.

The rep also stated that they are completely ignoring the fact that Scott, 31, stopped performing at Astroworld three times.

Over the weekend, La Flame paused his performance to tell fans to get down from the light fixtures they had climbed. He encouraged concertgoers to heed security requests and descend from the lighting structures so that everyone could enjoy his performance safely.

Ezra Blount's family is suing Travis Scott, Live Nation, and other festival organizers for his death. Blount was the youngest victim of the Astroworld disaster, which killed ten people.

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