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Mark Wright Apologizes for 6ix9ine Halloween Costume

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written by: Kaylee Samuels

Mark Wright had decided to dress up as 6ix9ine for Halloween. Wright, the reality TV star, found inspiration after hearing the artist's music. One of 6ix9ines top songs is “FEFE,” he made headlines when he collabed with Nicki Manaj on this song.

Most people love the 24 year-old’s songs, however, only a few know about 6ix9ine’s past.

When 6ix9ine was only 18, he was sentenced to 2 years in prison. This was due to an incident that happened October 15, 2015. 6ix9ine had used a 13 year old girl for sexual performance, and he received 1,000 hours of community service.

3 years later, in 2018, the rapper landed himself in trouble again when he was charged with violent crimes and drug trafficking offenses, this also included attempted murder and armed robbery. This was the case most people had known about because practically the whole world was calling him a snitch and a rat.

Moving along, after his past, especially with using a young female, people took offense to Mark Wright dressing up as him for Halloween.

Mark Wright had done this with an innocent mind, not knowing much about the star's past. Wright had out done himself with the costume and all. Wright had colorful hair, gold teeth, neck tattoos, ect., in order to fully capture this look.

After fans had seen this, they were quick to call him out and say something, Wright responded with this,

“My apologies for last night’s Halloween picture. I only knew about Tekashi’s 6ix9ine’s music and not about his offenses. Had I known, it would not have been my choice of costume.”

Wright has since deleted his posts, and 6ix9ine seems to not let this situation get to him.

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