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Wendy Williams Spotted On Street & Comments On Upcoming Podcast With Celebrity Guests!

Written by: Khalif Thompson

Wendy Williams was spotted in the street by TMZ just a few days after she reportedly never leaves her house. Wendy Williams gushed about her upcoming podcast, which will feature some very major guests.

Wendy's manager, Will Selby, claims that the former talk show host has no desire to return to television. Wendy's upcoming podcast will be executive produced by Welby.

Williams is said to have already had conversations with the Kardashians and a member of the Trump family that she is eager to share with fans, and she has invited Snoop Dogg and Fat Joe to join her in the future.

Wendy and her team are currently debating whether to remain independent or partner with a platform such as Spotify or Apple.

A source told The Sun earlier this month that Williams doesn't leave her house and "can't remember anything." Wendy "hasn't taken any meetings to try to get back on the air," according to the source, and it will be a hard journey to get her back in the spotlight in the long run.

The source further claims:

“She can’t remember anything, she needs a teleprompter and she needs someone there to remind her of things,” the source said. “She is sitting in her house, she isn’t taking meetings, she isn’t going out, there is no plan.”

The Wendy Williams show ended its decade-long run on June 17. Variety reported ahead of the show that Wendy Williams would not be present for the final episode. Instead, a video montage honoring Williams aired during the time frame.

Wendy Williams has missed the entire 2021-22 season of her show due to health issues. Several guests filled in for Wendy throughout the season, including Sherri Shepherd, who is hosting the final week and will have her own show this fall.

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