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Who’s The Current Queen Of Hip Hop?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Written by: Kaylee Samuels

Today in Hip Hop News the debate will be set on whether Nicki Manaj or Cardi B is better.

These two female rappers are the top rated artists in the hip hop industry. Many fans have argued their points as to who is better, and they are still stuck in disagreement.

Looking into statistics Nicki’s number one hit song is Anaconda which reached 1 billion views on YouTube, Cardi’s hit song is Bodak Yellow which has also reached 1 Billion views. It seems to be a tie in this sense.

Now, when it comes to their fanbase, Nicki takes the lead after having 162 million followers on Instagram, while Cardi only has 112 million.

Nicki has a total of 117 singles released, as to where Cardi only has 35.

Nicki became widely known in 2007, when she worked on a mixtape after being noticed by lil Wayne. Cardi didn’t make headlines until 2015.

Nicki Manaj was called the queen of rap in 2014 after taking second place in the hot 100 with her song Anaconda. Cardi came into the spotlight and took number 1 on 5 different occasions as to where Nicki never hit number 1 on billboard’s.

All in all Nicki is labeled as the Queen of rap and has a higher fanbase, but when it comes to Cardi, her stats show she has released fewer songs and still managed to take the number 1 spot in top 100’s more than Nicki ever has.

To sum it up, song hit wise, Cardi takes the lead and support wise, Nicki takes the lead.

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