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Will We See A 2Pac Hologram During The SuperBowl Halftime Show?!

Written By: Kaylee Samuels

Today in Hip Hop News, the Super Bowl is finally here! It’s been pretty chaotic and there seems to be tons of debates. What did you guys bet on this time around?

It appears the main thing to get a lot of attention is whether Tupac will be a hologram or not. It seems pretty cool, right? But will it happen?

The next debate is what song will Eminem sing for this year's time show? The main guesses as of now are “The Real Slim Shady” as well as “Rap God”.

Can you believe people are betting 100’s of dollars on whether Snoop Dogg will light a blunt or not during his performance? It’s extremely crazy what people will bet on!

There are also some minor bets, such as who will the coach hug last?

Who will WIN the Super Bowl, Do you have your guesses ready?

This Super Bowl may potentially turn into arguments, disbeliefs, ect.

All of these bets/debates can make or break the future! Like if Tupac is a hologram, do you realize how great that would go down in history?

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