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Women Of The Hip Hop Game Over Looked, Over Shadowed And Overworked

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

What are we talking about when we speak on the women in hip hop? If you take a look at hip hop as a whole... Well then you very much see a man's game. Which means women will always have to compete with men in the hip hop game! Now that would be a fair fight, if there was room for more than one woman at a time.

The time for women of hip hop to have their own lane, for multiple women to shine together... is upon us in my opinion! I mean with so many underground female artist in the game today. I don't see why we cant have a whole female section of Hip Hop, that the masses don't pit against the men! They treat women in the hip hop game, like they do black comedians in the industry! There can only be 1 at the top at a time! This tends to be the very reason why when a new female artist comes up... it's like the current artist starts to fall down! Being forced to pass the torch in a sense. All done by popular demand. Hip Hop has been this way forever! If there's 2 at the top... 1 will always have to outshine the other based on public opinion.

Public opinion will and has always pit the 2 top women against each other in hip hop! "Only 1 Queen can exist" instead of it just being women on the up rise in the Game of hip hop! Which is a man's game none the less. We have had a time when there was a woman's movement throughout hip hop. That was the moment when female rap artist and R & B artists alike came together to make a few great hits! Breaking that mold was people like Missy Elliott who was not only a rap artist but also an R & B artist! Missy was a producer and DJ as well! Yes she is what you will call an all around artists! Although even when we speak on females in the rap game, we tend to leave Missy Elliott out! Right along with people like Foxy Brown and Eve! Maybe we'll go back a little And mention great female artists like Nonchalant or Bahamadia! Or even my personal favorite 2 female artist Which are Rah Digga And Remy Ma!

By leaving these great women of hip hop out of the conversation constantly has gotten them pushed to the back when they are actually intricate Pieces to the building blocks of hip hop. What tends to happen is... you end up with a lot of female rappers that are trying to get in the game, will tend to start doing what the top female is doing. So every time you hear a new artist, it sounds like a carbon copy in a sense. Of course it is not so much as the artist that makes said decision as it is the influencers and handlers of said situation.

So what are we bringing to the table for female artist when it comes to legend talk? What can you expect, when rating women that are in the hip hop game as legends? We can not keep on doing the same old thing... making the female artist legends because of time in the game! Instead of it being... time in the game as well as skill! A lot of known male artist will never become legends. Simply because they did not have the skill of greatness!

Hip Hop is a lot more than music! Its a way of life and at most times the story of US! With that said... hip hop should be the 1 thing in our culture that is fair across the board. Female artist has always been here since the beginning! They are apart of its legacy! Hip Hop music should never be a gender thing! At least not so much that it over shadows skill.

" There is no hip hop without the around the way girl! It is just as important as the BOOM BAP" In my opinion.

Written by:

The Hip Hop Deacon Dysee

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