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Yo Gotti Reveals His Diet & Workout Secrets Behind His 50 Pound Weight Loss Journey

Written by: Khalif Thompson

Since the tragic beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing and limited contact has forced people to create and adopt more liveable and healthier lifestyles given how negatively the virus has attacked the health and immune systems of millions of Americans.

Yo Gotti, like many other rappers, has recently made a vow to a healthy lifestyle. The Memphis native has dropped an astonishing 50 pounds while becoming thinner and stronger since becoming serious about nutrition and workout during the COVID-19 outbreak in October 2019.

Yo Gotti reveals the secrets behind his physical transformation in the newest episode of Men's Health's "Gym & Fridge" series. Gotti welcomes fans into his industrial "weight loss fridge," which is supplied with chicken, turkey burgers, and salmon, as well as green veggies like broccoli, asparagus, and spinach.

Fruit, which is strong in vitamins and fiber, is also crucial to Gotti, who prefers eating it on its own or in shakes and smoothies. Shots of ginger and turmeric are also being given to him to assist strengthen his immune system.

“My diet changed a lot,” Gotti says. “I used to drink a lot of sodas, eat a lot of cakes and junk food. So I got rid of all that. It’s a lot more greenery and vegetables, and even the sweets I eat are prepared by my chef, which is way, way better for my health. It really helped me lose like 50 pounds.”

That isn't to say Yo Gotti isn't a lover for comfort food. The Rake It Up rapper admits to going "all the way" on cheat meals and even flies out to his Memphis restaurant Privé on occasion, where he eats hamburgers, steak, yams, corn, spaghetti, and lasagna.

“My fitness goal when I started this, I was 210 pounds and I lost, like, 50 pounds,” he explains. “And then I gained, like, 15 or 18 pounds back, so right now I’m trying to lose those 15 pounds.”

We commend artists and influencers like Yo Gotti for taking manageable living options towards a healthier lifestyle.

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