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Young Thug & Gunna Are Both In Serious Gang Affiliated Trouble!

Written By: Kaylee Samuels

Today in hip hop news Young Thug and Gunna are both locked up after being in a few massive gang affiliated incidents.

These two young rappers have both been charged with racketeering and gang activity. In their music videos it shows the two males holding up gang signs.

But it gets worse than that, they were also busted for having methamphetamine, hydrocodone and marijuana in their possession.

And to top things off, both of these men have been accused of selling stolen items.

Currently Gunna had his home raided by the police, they tore apart the walls, went through items, and dug in the backyard.

Since then, the Fulton County jail has submitted papers for Gunna.

When it comes to Young Thug, he is in custody and he is being accused of renting a rental car in which was used in his rival gang members murder of 26-year-old Donovan Thomas.

Young Thugs current charges are conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

How do you guys feel about this? Should they both be in jail?

Watch our Youtube video down below!

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